Valuing Human Life

Over the centuries, cultures and societies have conceived their own notions on the purpose of a human’s life. This spectrum ranges from human sacrifice to monetary worth to ecclesiastical philosophies. This investigative series explores the meaning and value placed onto a person’s life – or their death.

VALUING HUMAN LIFE examines historical data surrounding various definitions which focus on the acuity of a meaningful life by interviewing experts in fields pertaining to the subjects at hand. Such examples include the Japanese Buddhist monks who mummified themselves because of their religious beliefs over a thousand years ago to present-day human trafficking in America, where foreigners and Americans alike are forced to work for little or no pay. These perceptions on the value of life will be contrasted with similar cultures, as comparable phenomena have occurred amongst distant civilizations.

This series – told through historical accounts, recorded facts, cinematic recreations, and graphic representations in determining the value of each individual or group – makes for an engaging, shocking, and enlightening hour of television.

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