Craft Connoisseurs

Hobby shops have been a symbol of Americans' ingenuity throughout the 20th century, although their prominence has slowly dwindled with the rise of the technological age. This obsession, however, has allowed new specialized storefronts to establish and cater to a specific hobby. These craft hotspots lure visitors from hundreds of miles away due to the goods they offer, the events being held, and for the presence of fellow enthusiasts.

CRAFT CONNOISSEURS explores several of these hobbies, such as quilters, model cars/trains/airplanes, military memorabilia, and doll/pinball machine collectors (and many more) and the fans who keenly operate these shops. One store located in Binghamton, NY by the name Village Train & Hobby, concentrates on the train collecting business. The owners Jeff and Geoff sell and repair model trains and also buy train collections to resell. These aficionados and their craft counterparts are passionate and fueled by nostalgia – an affection they share with their customers who tend to congregate in their store on a daily basis.

This informative vérité documentary series shadows these devotees and the obsession with these nostalgic commodities.

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